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Monday, 16 January 2012

Why must I be so poor?

People who've been following my links will know that a) I'm a bit of a fan of Lovehoney, and b) they do mental deals now and then, including a daily Deal of the Day.  Today, their DotD has blown me away: get the We-Vibe Tango for only £35 with free UK shipping and a no quibble 365 day returns policy.

I'm so tempted, despite my impoverished state!  But if anyone wanted to be a dear... *wiggley eyebrows of suggestiveness*

Ah, I kid (half!), I'm spoilt enough.  Seriously though, I rarely like the idea of plugging something I've not tried myself, but the Tango has had such positive reviews from people whose opinions I'd trust - including the one by Laveila on the product's own page - and is at such a crazy price for only 24 hours (well, 22.5 now), that I must urge anyone who has been lusting after this to go-go-go before it go-go-goes.  And it will.

Much love!
BB x

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