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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Welcome to Randy Reading Review Focus!

I love myself some erotic fiction.  I don't love all of it, and even the books I've re-read until the spine cracks merged together into one tattered fray of overuse, I've found myself distracted by some niggling little quirk.  Right now, I've just finished yet another book, and have two more sitting on my bedside table calling out to me.  As soon as I see an online retailer start a sale, I'm right into the erotic fiction section, seeing what gems I can winkle out to keep my imagination-fires well stoked.  But I'm relatively new to these kind of books, which is why I thought I should do something to convince others to take that first toe-dip into the rich world of erotic fiction.

I'm exceptionally stingy when it comes to books.  I've always loved reading, even as a child when I took my teacher's command to read a certain book until we knew it "upside down and inside out" to heart, and, since I found it too difficult to follow when the book was turned upside down and backwards, I memorised the whole thing so I could pretend to read it in such a crazy position.  That kind of set the tone for my entire scholastic career, every teacher from then on equal parts impressed and terrified.  Eventually I discovered the word "irony" and things became a little clearer.  Anyway, during that period, I devoured books, and still remember how I'd wind up unable to afford food for the week because I'd just had to go out and buy a certain book.  Given my current employmentally-challenged situation, I'm back to the days when seeing a book cost more than a fiver gives me a pang of guilt impossible to ignore.  This, in not-so-short, is why, despite my insatiable lust for reading, my erotic literature was limited until little under two years ago to the odd crass sex scene in some "real" book.

This is essentially why I want to spend a little time focusing on those erotic texts which have stood out in some way for me, as I do believe that if I, a word-whore extraordinaire, can spend so many years avoiding erotic fiction, then surely there are other people out there who would enjoy a bit of literary porn, but maybe have been turned off it by the price, or by that cringe-inducing copy of Mills&Boon that made its way around the back of the bus.  It is much harder to see at a glance if a book will work for you than a toy, as there's so many variable that can't be listed.  On the other hand, once you crack the spine on a book, you can still trade it off to some other bibliophile and try again.  I'll include a few links to swap and re-using options at the end of this post.

There's nothing I like better than an evening in the bath, G&T on the side, some kind of smelly scenty thing wafting about, and a sexy book to get me in the mood.  I know not everyone shares my feelings on reading, or books, or maybe they do but just don't enjoy combining that with sexy time, but I honestly believe that everyone should try just one book, and even if that's not the right book, once that spark is lit, it opens up an amazing world of sensuality and imagination.

So tonight will be the first of my series of Randy Reading Reviews.  I'm intending to start with a book that, while not a favourite of mine, is something very inoffensive and easy to access for someone new or unsure of what they're seeking.  Also, it's cheap as chips, and should be easy to trade if you want to offload it, which keeps the risk factor low.


Trading Options

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