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Friday, 6 January 2012

Beware of low-flying trampolines!

My internet access has been curtailed, since a rogue trampoline, aided by some pretty severe winds, decided to take a shortcut right through my phone cable. Unfortunately, here in the UK these lines are all owned by BT, meaning a) my supplier isn't allowed to touch them, and b) the people who are allowed to fix it tend to be slow at best and deathly allergic to sticking to appointments. Thus, I have been exiled from cyberland for almost a week, connected only via my phone, which has an auto-correct made of pure liquid evil, and a browser window that likes to sgcurry away at random. This in itself has been painful to type. In short, this sucks too much to post anything worthwhile. However, I had been in the process of finalising a couple of reviews, which are now being super-edited into oblivion, so there shall be some make up posting - not as fun as make up sex, but just as enthusiastic - upon my return! It remains to be seen whether my over-zealous revisions will make them better or worse.

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