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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Latest Goodies What I'm Liking

I'm a big fan of the pretty Icicles range of glass dildos, and this is one I'm desperate to get myself, especially when SexToys have it for a mind-blowingly stupid price.  Fingers crossed it's still at this insanely silly price when I get some cash in later in the week.  Seriously, a third of the usual price for such a stunning piece of pretty, I'll be kicking myself if I let this get past.

Meanwhile, Lovehoney have the Minna Ola, which I recently reviewed, for sale with a free pleasure-enhancing gel.  While I may not have fallen in love with it, I'll happily agree that it's a quality toy and a stupid amount of fun to play with.

And while we're on the subject of free stuff, there's just over three days left to enter Karen Blue's giveaway for Tantus' Anaconda Dildo.

Awright, that's about all the swank I have to share for today, I'm off back to bed to nurse my lurgy.  


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