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Friday, 9 March 2012

Lubetastic! ~ Liquid Silk

I have a crazy exam coming up in college, so I'm afraid my reviewing has taken a back seat to quickies in a big ol' pile of books.  And, while that image is intriguing in itself, a stressed and rather frazzled BB is not so fun.  Anyway, as I've managed to be rather slacky of late, I didn't want to let a week go by without throwing something out there.  So, quick and clean, much like the lube itself [cue drumroll] we have Liquid Silk.

Now, this is one of those lubes that, every time a newcomer asks what they should try, several people cry out that this is literally the only lube they'll use.  This in itself is the kind of thing to put me off, not just because I'm an awkward auld sod, but because I've frequently found that when it comes to things like lube, what's popular is not always what's good.  Call me a hipster, but I'm rather unpopular with the popular stuff.  Doesn't help that I have evil skin which actively seeks out things to get angry at: as a baby, the Johnson's Baby products would leave me raw; those Simple creams specially designed to be hypoallergenic make me scale over like some kind of itchy lizard; Durex lubes which are apparently very one-slather-fits-all have me screaming for the shower.  I know glycerin is like napalm for my crotch, but there are some glycerin-free products that seem to hold some secret evil which neither I nor my dermatologist can nail down.  So I'm not one for slapping on some gunk just because 'everyone' says it's the bee's knees.

However, I have tried and tested more than my fair share of lubes in my search for one that ticks all my boxes, so I will usually offer my opinions when someone does come bumbling by to ask which they should go for.  After mentioning that I'd never actually tried the ever-popular Liquid Silk, the lovely Alice at Lovehoney sent me a wee bottle so that I could further enhance my advising arsenal, and maybe even join the ranks of those rating Liquid Silk as the foremost fornication facilitator.  While I'm not sure it is literally the best lube in the history of ever, it is the one I reach for again and again when I want something reliable, simple, and just plain good.

Barely a handful
Now, for those not lucky enough to have a guardian lube-angel, shelling out for a bottle of something that might wind up in the bin is not so fun.  Luckily, there are single-use sachets available for those who like me tend to hum and haw and dither over a purchase.  I initially got the small 50ml bottle, which still won't break the bank, and there's the 250ml pump bottle for those who prefer the bulk-buy, but personally I'll be sticking with the small bottle, as it's perfect for popping in a bedside drawer and for knocking out of sight when an unexpected relative sticks their head in the bedroom door!

The 50ml bottle is simple, small, and fairly self-explanatory: you pop the flip-lid, squidge out a dollop, and hope you don't need any further instruction. It's not immediately obvious it's a lube so you could pop it in a handbag or on your nightstand as long as no one's going to be inspecting your bits and bobs (unless they also intend to inspect your other bits and bobs!). Portable, discreet, and doesn't leak. Can't fault that!

The lube itself really does feel a lot different to most others I've tried. It's almost like a face cream and feels kind of greasy-oily when you first squeeze it out, although it doesn't leave you feeling like you've dropped a bat of butter between your thighs, which was my first concern. A little really does go a long way and it takes quite a while to dry up so avoid the temptation to think it's thinner than it is, go nuts, and wind up having to take a mop to your nether regions!
Added bonus: fake-semen-look provides
hours of amusement!
I still prefer the silicone for anal, but this isn't all that far off the same level of good, so a definite alternative for when silicone toys might be in the equation, or when my giant, leaky bottle of silicone won't quite make the journey. There's no real smell to it, and no sticky residue, which really are the two main failing of most lubes. At worst, a quick wipe after and you're good to go.

I love it. It lasts so long and needs so little that the titchy bottle isn't even nearly empty yet. Handy, as the last lube I latched onto no longer exists and my stash is just about depleted, so I'm glad I've found one that's even better!
Doesn't irritate me;
No horrid residue;
Bottle's nifty.
Nothing, really. I hate not giving a negative but can't find a thing.
Perfect. There's no downside to trying this, especially at this size and price!  It might not be the fanciest of lubes, but for a simple, no-frills, pocket-friendly option, it really is just ideal.
5 sexy-chick glasses out of 5. Bingo!
New Lovehoney logo 
  This lube was provided to me free of charge by Lovehoney in exchange for a fair review.  I have received no payment and my opinions have not been influenced or altered in any way.

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