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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

I Love My Postie!

My pair of RhodeoHs arrived - and are freskishly comfortable - as did the Tantus Throb I ordered.  It's a little smaller than the ideal for the o-ring, but it sits fine, and was just too tempting to leave on the wishlist.  Downside: fella's not here until next week, so I have these delicious goodies sitting sadly awaiting his return.  Really cannot wait to break the lot in!

I've also splurged out and bought some purty stockings:
Music Legs Sheer Lace Top Stockings with Butterfly Detailing

Along with an erotic book, aaaaaaaaaall my Christmas shopping, some new Winter boots, and a new phone because my Sony Ericsson T715 of never-charging-for-no-fucking-reason was driving me bonkers.  It scares me that I've spent so much, and still have £50 to do me until next week.  This having money thing, I could get used to it.

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